The McConaissance! McConaughey’s Acting Cleanse Seems to be Doing the Job


Matthew McConaughey has been on the up and up since starring in films such as The Paper Boy and Mud, an immediate turn in a different direction for the actor; the once dazed and confused rom-com regular seems to have found the light in, ironically, much darker and serious film roles. From as early as The Lincoln lawyer and the black comedy Bernie to the huge success that was Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey has managed to reconfirm his place in the industry and his acting talent, and it didn’t even require him to take his shirt off! But, what’s next for the recent Oscar winner McConaughey? Will he revert back to conventional comedy’s or will the post McConaissance era fuel him to take on more edgy roles. Internet movie database confirms that he will reprise his role as Dallas in the sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL and will star in Christopher Nolan’s new film, Interstellar. Not too much is known about the Sci-fi thriller at this time but the official, albeit brief, synopsis of the film details that the film will include a team of space travelers who travel through a wormhole, transcending previous limitations on human space travel! Pretty epic stuff there, Nolan (as always). Here is the official teaser trailer to give you an idea of what the film will look like…

UK release date: 07/11/2014

Glaswegians can catch it at Glasgow’s local Cineworld on the 7th of November!


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