Biography – Michael B. Jorden

Michael B. Jorden’s got that coolness and style that Will Smith can bring to the table and acting chops reminiscent of Denzel Washington. The young talent seems to have accomplished so much, yet his career is only just beginning…


Michael B. Jorden first caught my eye in 2012’s science fiction drama, Chronicle! He probably was over looked in that film, seeing as Dane DeHaan pretty much took centre frame. That being said, it was unknown to me that Jorden had in fact starred in countless TV shows previous to the film, including the critically acclaimed The Sopranos and The Wire. But it was perhaps his inner charisma that shined through in the film Chronicle. Jorden plays the sort of stereotypical ‘popular kid’ that wants to also be student president, but is also really good at sports and so on… right we get it you are a talented bloke, but what’s better than that? Flying? Well, sir you’ve got it! The film Chronicle tells the story of three boys that are some what different from each other thrown into a situation whereby they are the only people on the planet with the ability to perform telekinetic abilities and hence they can fly and (potentially) cause mass destruction (the film’s climax). Jorden’s character is able to take this on the chin, where as DeHaan looses his mind…but his character continues to bond with the misfit regardless of some of his fleeting mistakes. There’s something an actor can do that is method and then there is genuine feeling and chemistry on screen, and we really do believe that the popular guy and looser are best friends by the end of the film. This obviously shows how well Jorden is able to work with other actors.

It is also that believability that perhaps led him to being cast in 2013’s critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station. In this film Jorden plays a man who eventually gets shot near a train station, but the film decides to take the route of letting us see this man’s life before the incident. Based on a true story, Jorden is able to carry the film with so much conviction and believability that its hard not to find yourself moved by his performance. Definitely one to check out if you haven’t already seen it and was even considered snubbed at the Oscars ceremony this year.

It is his quick, witty charm and cool but also emotional performances that make Jorden a name to watch. You can catch Jorden in 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot.




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