Glasgow’s Cineworld! (My Second Home)

Cineworld is genuinely like my second home here in Glasgow…well, perhaps third if you include the nightclub Kokomo!

Glasgow’s Cineworld!

However as much as I love going out, meeting new people and experiencing new places in Glasgow my one true love is for cinema. I can’t deny it! I also can’t deny writing cheesy lines like this as well obviously! But, all joking aside, I’m always looking forward until the inevitability when I return.

Cineworld is also great for my fellow Glaswegians as is smack bang in the middle of town! As I’ve already said it is very convienent for many films/media students to be able to walk to the cinema instead of having to pay for a taxi or find other means of transportation as you would with other theatres such as with the IMAX theatre at Glasgow’s Science Centre facility.

I’m passionate about all kinds of films, however as a young lad it was the horror genre that initially grabbed my attention and really got me thinking about practical and digital effects (George A. Romero is one of my heroes). So eventually, I started to really draw my focus into aspects of film such as production; asking myself questions like, how much will it cost to do this? What is required from me in order to achieve that? This gave me a real sense of who really works the hardest when it comes to films, and it is the people that are passionate enough to go the extra mile regardless of how well known you are or how much money you’ve got to work with! This is one of the reasons why I love Cineworld, as they are able to show me all kinds of films that I can appreciate, whatever the genre, whatever the cost, whatever the talent involved, there will always be a film on offer for me and walking distance from my halls of residence makes it all the sweeter (or is that just the popcorn…) I treat all films equally and go into the cinema with the same mindset; wither that be an indie, independent flick or mainstream blockbuster.

Yes, I know, Cineworld is corporate and expensive…but the atmosphere is brilliant here in Glasgow. I moved into Glasgow not only expecting, but really wanting to be able to feel that sort of vibe in the masses that only cinema can achieve! And it is that feeling of unity, that moment when everyone is sitting down experiencing the same thing that I love. It also seems to make my viewing experience a lot more memorable. I can recall watching a speech from one pioneer of film who felt similarly about cinema…this video is brilliant, please check it out!


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