Glasgow’s finest acting talent, Mr. James McAvoy!


McAvoy seemed more than smitten with his recent BIFA award for best actor. The noble actor remarked, “It’s like Scotland has won the World Cup”. He couldn’t be more modest as a man who has managed to come a long way from a background that he describes as “rough” and he seems to really connect with the idea of “being alone” as he says in the video below, and perhaps it is his background itself that propels him to do films such as Filth, projects that he feels passionate about. Being an actor than ranges from more well published films to small, he seems to have a real desire to be a part of independent films and make them more well known to the public via his more than well known status; he has previously starred in massive projects such as X-Men: First Class, Wanted and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, so he is no stranger to the public eye.

McAvoy gets a little teary as he accepts his award.

McAvoy first realised he was interested in acting when actor David Hayman visited his school when he was young, and impressed Hayman enough to cast him in his film, The Near Room.

David Hayman

Although excited and interested, McAvoy didn’t properly consider acting until he was forced to make a decision between following a career with The Royal Navy or choosing to go to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to do acting. He applied and was accepted by both, but McAvoy went with acting in the end! And what a relief…who can imagine Narnia without McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus!

But it appears the young actor has always been enthusiastic about the profession, and this interview with McAvoy depicts that he has always been ready and raring to go!

His Determination for the craft doesn’t go unnoticed, as this isn’t the first time the recent BIFA winner had to fight to get a film role to claim the on screen persona of character Bruce Robertson (considered at first inappropriate for Wanted). It had been seventeen years earlier when McAvoy recalls having seen Trainspotting, a film that arguably changed the face of British cinema forever; Filth, hence, showed so much promise. McAvoy had to convince Welsh he was the right man for the job, as in reality the well mannered, intelligent James MaAvoy had to transform himself into a ‘bipolar, bigoted junkie cop’ who is a scheming, manipulative and misanthropic man; and spends most of his time indulging in drugs, alcohol and sexually abusive relationships! As McAvoy says, “potentially controversial” material…

Goes to show McAvoy’s commitment to a role! He was considered miscast for other films like Wanted, that propelled him into the mainstream Action genre, and continues to show he can adapt to many varied roles within film.

James McAvoy heads up the cast in a career-defining role as the terrible Bruce Robertson, a man that is in line for a promotion and will stop at nothing to get what he wants! Standard Irvine Welsh literature turned even more nasty for the screen! The film also features actors Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots, Jim Broadbent and Eddie Marsan. I encourage all Glaswegians to see and support independent films as McAvoy has buy renting or owning this film today!

Here’s the trailer! Enjoy!!




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