This Summer’s Big Blockbuster – X-Men, Godzilla, The Amazing Spiderman 2 or Transformers?

MV5BOTA5NDYxNTg0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE5NzU1MTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Now that the web-slinging excitement has ended in regards to The Amazing Spiderman 2, I’m looking forward to seeing what Brian Singer and Gareth Edwards can do with what we have no doubt seen far too much of – sequels and reboots! Mark Webb (500 days of Summer) impressed me with 2012’s The Amazing Spiderman, in the sense that like any fan of Raimi’s would, I wanted to hate it! But, chemistry between the film’s stars (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) was enough to convert me. It wasn’t…amazing, let’s be honest; the villain was not up to scratch, far too much retreads with its storyline and felt a bit rushed aka let’s just reboot it so that we can keep the rights! But the sequel was looking far more promising; with man of the moment Dane DeHaan stepping up as the green goblin/childhood friend Harry Osborn, cool as a cucumber Jamie Foxx taking on villain Electro and Paul Giamatti delivering, what admittedly ended up being quite a hammed up performance, side-villain The Rhino (who will no doubt make a more central appearance in Spidey 3). Yes, it seemed the star studded sequel seemed to have enough going for itself, and the trailers helped to re-emphasise this…

UK release date: 16/04/2014

So, was it good? Yes, yes it was…but not worthy in my opinion as carrying the title of ‘this year’s best blockbuster’ and while it carried many pleasing aspects: Dane DeHaan’s acting, the romantic chemisty between Stone and Garfield and rather lovely 3D visuals, it did however feel slightly unnecessary and overly stuffed. Clearly, Sonny are thinking franchising, that means 1) cramming all sorts of unresolved side plots into the film such as The Sinister 6 (you saw it in the trailers guys, no need to be alarmed) and therefore 2) making you want to come back and pay to see the next one! The film, to its credit, did come full circle and tie up the loose ends from the last one; explaining why Peter’s parents were in such a hurry to abandon their only son and take off mysteriously. It was far more emotionally compelling than it needed to be and if you are a fan of the comics, you will know what I mean when I say a tear may have been shed at the end (a beautifully shot and edited scene, worthy of the ticket price alone). So it’s a worthy film to see if you are a fan of the titular wall crawler for definite…and, I suppose, the original Spiderman trilogy didn’t go without its flaws…

Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts on The Amazing Spiderman 2 and do you think the right people were cast for their parts? What can we expect from The Amazing Spiderman 3 and how will they propose to move forward with The Sinister 6…?

Godzilla is released theatrically in 5 weeks, while X-Men will arrive in cinemas on May 23 and Transformers on June 25…so only time will tell what will be this summer’s best film! And, of course, I will review them on here once I have managed to catch a viewing of each…


Godzilla Trailer!

X-Men Trailer!

Transformers Trailer!



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