Glasgow’s FrightFest!


Frightfest all began in 2000, where it was staged at Prince Charles Cinema in London. It took place on an August Bank Holiday weekend and since has remained a tradition for the festival! FrightFest’s goal was to provide UK movie goers the opportunity to enjoy horror/thriller/fantasy films with the same vibe that a film fest would have in say Spain or Belgium. FrightFest has come a long way since its birth and has built up a faithful community with people from all over the world, ready to experience more of the same unique blend of films! If you have read my blog on Glasgow’s Cineworld, you’ll know how exciting I think it is to watch films with a brilliant crowd atmosphere! Due to the festivals rapid growth and popularity, FrightFest found they had to keep increasing the size of their cinema and length of festival. 2005 saw FrightFest stage the premiere of the long awaited George A. Romero flick, Land of the Dead and 2006 saw Guilmiero del toro attend the second only screening of his film Pan’s Labrynth. The festival upgraded to the UK’s largest traditional cinema screen at the Empire Cinema in 2009. They then eventually spread their festival output further across different platforms in the UK, one being Glasgow. A regular two-day event at the Glasgow Film Festival every February.

These are the films playing at Glasgow’s FrightFest this year:

1) Afflicted

2) Almost Human

3) Killers

4) Mindscape

5) Proxy

6) Savaged

7) The Sacrament

8) The Scribbler (no trailer as of yet, but here’s an interview with the film’s stars)

9) Torment

10) Wolf Creek 2


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