Agony for Strachan and Scotland

“The players are hurting badly but when they look back they can be proud, they gave it a right good shot” – Gordon Strachan

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan

The Scots National Team are hurting badly after Gordo failed to deliver a win but an anti-climatic draw against national side Slovenia.

It’s an agony that’s come at an inopportune time. The Tartan Army were on a modest roll!

With Strachan himself seeing some of his managerial highlights as of recent – the likes of Leigh Griffiths’ double whammy against arch rivals England and their 1-0 victory with Chris Martin’s (or was it actually the Slovakian defence that can claim that one) goal against Slovakia – whether you agree that it’s time for auld Gordo to leave or stay, it’s definitely a case point for the Scots manager, that Scotland has never shined brighter or looked more promising in a World Cup campaign, or any campaign lead under the leadership of Strachan.


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