Can Rangers Win 55 with Lafferty?

Is Kyle Lafferty’s presence back at the club a wise decision from rangers gaffer Steven Gerrard?


Kyle Lafferty back at RFC

Controversial is the first word that comes to mind when RFC fans saw ex Rangers man Kyle Lafferty back at the club after current Rangers gaffer Steven Gerrard welcomed him back during the club’s first leg with top-flight Russian club Fc Ufa for the Europa League.


The club last saw Lafferty when Rangers went bankrupt back in 2012, which saw the the light blues go through liquidation; this saw the club have to climb there way back up to the Premiership from League One onwards (another story altogether).

Back in 2012, Lafferty bailed on the club, leaving fans of the light blues football player furious.

Lafferty’s playing career since departing has seen him play with clubs Sion, Palermo, Norwich City and Scottish football club Hearts, where he has excelled as a centre-forward, Palermo’s frontline of Lafferty, Andrea Belotti and Paulo Dybala being an immediate go-to for justification of this statement. So does the Northern Irishman deserve another shot with the club and with Steven Gerrard?

Stevie G has obviously looked towards his frontline here. He has: Umar Sadiq, Jamie Murphy, Alfredo Morelos and now Kyle Lafferty.

Hoping to stay true to his aggressive, attack-minded style of play governed by Liverpool maestro, Jurgen Klopp, Gerrard is clearly looking for some foil to help top goal scorer Morelos up front. This might mean getting the opportunity to shine for Lafferty rendered difficult; he will likely have to look towards giving the odd assist, and be successful, before Gerrard is able to give him more opportunity and responsibility up the pitch.

Stevie G will be looking to push Celtic in the league under ex Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers

Whichever way you look at it, Lafferty has the opportunity to redeem himself and win back the hearts of RFC fans.


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