Final Trailer for The Predator: Blood, Fun but No “Choppa” Scene!

"Welcome to the loony bus", says Trevante Rhodes, as Nebraska Williams... could The Predator actually be the Suicide Squad we never got?

The Predator's New Promo Work

A heavy rap track opens up the recent trailer (and last trailer) for Fox’s next chapter in The Predator series… is Shane Black trying to usher in a new, cool version of The Predator?!

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I quite like these band of misfits, we’ve got: Boyd Holbrook as Quinn McKenna, Trevante Rhodes as Nebraska Williams (as mentioned earlier), Keegan-Michael Key as Coyle, Thomas Jane as Baxley, Alfie Allen as Lynch and Sterling K. Brown as Will Traeger! And in this most recent trailer we get a better and more proper look at the aforementioned team (that look like B-movie characters from a Suicide Squad sequel) – with proper focus this time around on blood, guts, gore and action. R-rated cinema has never felt so good! So what are some of the reasons to watch 2018’s successor to the original Arnie flick?


“The Hunt Has Evolved”

As stated on the film’s promo material, this time around, the “hunt has evolved”. Here, the trailer helps to exemplify where The Predator might differ in comparison to other Predator outings… 

If you’re playing catch up here, there have been four Predator movies to date (as long as you exclude the Alien v Predator spin-off films): Predator, Predator 2, Predators and – obviously – The Predator.

In previous films, we have seen many different incarnations of the hunter aka the alien species otherwise known as the Yautja!

The official plot synopsis reads:

The universe’s most lethal hunters have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other alien species, and it’s up to a team of ex-soldiers and a science teacher to stop them.”

The Predator is a hunter and so they seek out any means by which it (or they) can dominate over any other species. A popular fan theory has even suggested that they have extracted DNA from one of the franchises most deadly of Predator opponents, Major Alan “Dutch” Schafer. (If Arnie were to make even just a cameo in a role like this, I’m sure it will eagerly please long-time, devoted fans.) 

The New Big Bad - The Ultimate Predator

The new big bad in the film seems to tower over a normal sized Yautija, and is in comparison much more “ultimate”.

What director Shane Black had to say on the creature features' new baddy.
Arnie and the original Predator! Could Arnie return for a cameo spot?

(And Also) Shane Black is on Writing and Directing Duties!​

Shane Black has become a prolific writer and director in Hollywood, creating some of the most sought after quippy dialogue in town!  

In this recent trailer, we can see that the marketing team have decided to use this in full sway, and it’s definitely a bonus to see and should help push those box-office numbers up! The trailer was a MASSIVE improvement over the last two promotional entries. Not only does Black’s balance of humour and explosive action make the film look way much more fun, engaging and interesting than the first few trailers we got, it finally gives us a reason to hope that it will live up to the original; with a nicely nostalgic vibe that’s similar to the original film, Shane Black could reinvent this classic to a new audience whilst still paying homage to the franchises’ devoted. 

Now all we would need is a cameo from Mr Arnold Schwarznegger to make this “one ugly motherf***er” of a film!

The Predator Trailer
Excitement-metre for the Movie 80%
  • Action, sparky dialogue and engaging characters
  • Innovative new baddy
  • "Cool" factor could take away from original's campy, but effective charm...

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