Suicide Squad 2 – Things We’d Like to See…

Things We'd Like to See in James Gunn's successor to the 2016 super-flick... Dave Bautista to dawn the Bane mask would be one of them!"

Since the news broke that a new Director – James Gunn – had been appointed to direct Suicide Squad 2, things are starting to vastly differentiate for the sequel to the 2016 box office success and critical darling (he jokes) Suicide Squad!

So what could the flick do in order to reconnect with disenchanted fans of both the DCEU world and of the comics. Mblogging has a few ideas! Read on for Mblogging’s top three things we’d like to see


The original squad needs a mix-up!

Hire some new actors to play roles that we haven’t seen yet from the comics! It’s a given, but it’s probably the best decision the filmmakers could make moving forward with this franchise. Introduce fan favourites like Bronze Tiger or Harvey ‘Two-Face’… or better yet, Bane! Which brings us to our next things we’d like to see suggestion…


Actor, Dave Bautista, would be perfect to fill in Bane’s shoes!

Cast actor, Dave Bautista, in the fan favourite role of Bane! We couldn’t think of anyone else who’d be perfectly suited for taking up the mantle of Bane. He is physically capable and could bring more menace to the role that was previously under-utilised in his last appearance on film, The Dark Knight Rises, a film that couldn’t possibly live up to the hype of it’s predecessor, The Dark Knight. The character deserves another shot at the big screen and Bautista could be the one to fill in these (big) shoes. The actor also hinted towards the fact that he might not be reprising his much loved role as Drax the Destroyer for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians 3, saying, “…yeah I don’t know if I want to work for, Disney”, after Gunn’s departure. We could see these two collaborate – again – for SS2!


Give director, James Gunn, free reign to make his masterpiece…

It’s no secret that studio meddling has cost some films’ artistic vision to evaporate. It can also be said that some films are doomed from the start no matter what happens (ahem, Fantastic Four). But we can’t help but imagine that James Gunn would excel with comic-book source material if he was given free reign to go wild. And a Suicide Squad film that goes wild is exactly what this franchise needs… the original Suicide Squad film was feverishly lacking some spice and originality – an all-by-the-books sequel could potentially kill any idea of a third being made unless a very successful marketing campaign convinces us otherwise. Pray for Gunn and the as-of-yet untitled sequel that we will continue to refer to as Suicide Squad 2. 

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