Deadly Foes

Speculative Book Cover Art

Deadly Foes is the newest short story I’m writing!

“To see a man beaten not by a better opponent but by himself is a tragedy.” – Cus D’Amato

In Deadly Foes, our main character is Sonny Main, Sonny’s in deep…
Sonny’s a hard-man, an East-End man from Glasgow. Living in poverty and having gone through some loss, his way of coping with his sins and making money for himself and his wife, is engaging in underground, quasi-legal boxing matches!

‘In the blue corner, we have Scotland’s maest unprecedented champion. At the peak ae his career, and for six rounds in a ring, Glasgow champion Sonny is easily the maest devastatin boxer in his profession ae the moment! Hunners have gone doon here, and shudder at this man’s impressive bouts!’, declares the boxing presenter. ‘Ye’ll need tae keep your wits about ye with this wan. A man that has worked his wae up from poverty in the streets ae Glasgow for some years now–’

His recent match-up, is against a guy not from Glasgow, or from anywhere near Glasgow… but from Thailand. His name is Li Wei, and he’s actually from Korea, originally, however Li has had to fight and battle his way through drug and gambling addiction his whole life, his saving grace – boxing.

“Oan this night…’, he says. ‘We will spectate wan ae the grandest ae fights. A magnificent encounter that cannae be denied … boys and girls’, shouts the man, he has a sparky Scottish accent.”

Both men have went through some loss and also have inner demons to fight for in Deadly Foes…The story’s elements to do with bare knuckle boxing and quasi-legal boxing matches should engage crime readers as well as fans of Scottish dialect-themed reading, such as Irvine Welsh or Limmy!

“I didnae mean to wake her up this late …

‘Is that you, Sonny, ah can heir you cominin downstairs…’, she keeps moanin away from upstairs. I cannae help it if ah’ve been at the gym aw night, workin away with Benny – aw night. It’s difficult tae walk intae your house when yer that tired and make no noise whatsoever.

Ah take ma trainers aff, and ah chuck’em over to the side of the room where we keep’em when we get inside. Ah am’nae risking making any mare noise, I think … I couldnae dae with her comin doon here and baterin ma heid for cominin late.”

There are themes of loss and redemption as well as tones of seriousness and comedy, all rolled into one!
You can read a sample of Deadly Foes, here!